5 outdoor adventures you have to try

The mountains, rivers and hiking trails are calling.

With the weather heating up, now is the perfect time to take your workout from the gym to the great outdoors. We asked the team at Australian travel and adventure specialists Mountain Designs to share their recommended fitness activities for summer.

“Australia is home to the world’s best natural adventure playground and provides the perfect incentive to head outside and explore our natural surrounds this summer,” says Mountain Designs CEO Caroline Machado Campos.

“Our products are designed using world-class innovative technology to provide optimum performance to ensure you get the most out of your next workout or adventure.”

Give these outdoor fitness activities a try to help you stay fit, healthy and active.

1. Trail running

This can be adapted to different fitness levels, but trail running is basically running through the natural obstacles of a hiking trail. The varying ascents and descents are a great way to work different muscles and improve your balance and stability. One of the best things about trail running is the changing scenery and difficulty as it will keep you interested and challenged every time.

Before you set out on your first trail run, put safety first and tell someone where you are going. To reduce your risk of injury, make sure you also buy the correct shoes that are fitted properly and are suited for trail running.

“Scrambling is a hybrid exercise between hiking and climbing that will see you trekking over challenging terrain and rock climbing in steeper sections.”

2. Scrambling

Want to work your arms and your legs? Scrambling is a hybrid exercise between hiking and climbing that will see you trekking over challenging terrain and rock climbing in steeper sections. We recommend wearing hiking boots with a lot of grip and support to assist you, and potentially also a harness and a helmet depending on the intensity of the trail.

3. Mountain biking

Another outdoor activity that provides adrenalin-packed fun and adventure is mountain biking. Pump your legs and climb the hills on your mountain bike and then enjoy the wind in your hair as you ride at full speed down the slopes. Before you start riding, make sure you are prepared with a sturdy bike helmet and pick up a hydration pack so you can quench your thirst on the go.

4. Rock climbing

Are you looking for increased cardio endurance, upper body strength, core movement and more flexibility? Do it all at once with rock climbing. You can start at an indoor facility to get used to the process and then make your way outdoors to start climbing. Don’t forget, consider your safety first and be well prepared for the activity with a helmet, gloves and correct shoes for the task, as well as a professional guide if you are a novice climber.

5. Kayaking

Explore Australia’s waterways this summer by jumping into a kayak and paddling downstream. Kayaking helps improve balance, strength and power and will see your fitness levels increase in no time.

Gear up and get more outdoor adventure ideas at Mountain Designs

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