Why you should try TRX suspension training

Ready to challenge your body with a fun, strength-building workout?

You may have noticed people at the gym working out with long straps that look like a bit like seatbelts, suspended from the ceiling or an A-frame. It’s a workout called TRX suspension training – and it’s a fantastic way to mix up your fitness routine, tone your whole body and get your heart rate up.

TRX training makes use of gravity and bodyweight to perform exercises that build your strength, improve your fitness, challenge your core and improve your flexibility and mobility. Plus, it’s a lot of fun, and makes a nice change from the same old spin and yoga classes.

We had a chat with CJ, Master TRX Instructor from Apparatus Melbourne, about why TRX could be your new favourite workout.

What is TRX?

TRX training uses a great combination of dynamic movements or static holds, so it can provide a total body workout. Exercises are performed across different body planes and positions, so you can find yourself in any number standing, squatting, supine (back) or prone (front) exercises.

TRX has a range of modalities to facilitate different types of movement:

  • The TRX RIP Trainer is a piece of equipment made up of a weight bar with a resistance band attached. It has a focus on rotational and asymmetrical movement. That may sound complicated, but many of the movements you will do simulate the way your body moves naturally on a daily basis, such as when you’re carrying or picking up items, swimming or throwing a ball.
  • TRX Functional Training is circuit-style, interval-based training using TRX equipment as well as kettle bells, medicine balls, sandbells, heavy ropes and barbells. This style of training has more of a focus on effective movement.

At our studio, we offer efficient and challenging workouts in both private and limited group sessions. We want to help clients of all levels to reconnect with their bodies and movement, find balance and understand what is sustainable in their lives long-term.

“TRX training can help improve mobility and flexibility, building lean muscle and strength. It doesn’t matter whether you are 17 or 70.”

What are the benefits of TRX training?

When practiced regularly, TRX training can help improve mobility and flexibility, building lean muscle and strength. There is also a cardiovascular element. The core is an integral part of TRX as well as everyday movement.

Having a healthy relationship with exercise can also help build a strong connection with your mind and body, which can help you improve safely and effectively.

Do you need to be fit and strong to do it?

There are no prerequisite levels. We have had clients who have never set foot inside a studio environment or really exercised regularly at all. Since TRX is suitable for mobility through to athletic development, it doesn’t matter whether you are 17 or 70.

The exercises you do during TRX training will come down to the particular session, your individual requirements and physical capability.

We always recommend a doctor check-up before undertaking an exercise program, especially if you have been sedentary, unwell or injured. You want to exercise safely and build strength, rather than push yourself too hard, too soon and risk injuring yourself. This does more harm than good, both physically and mentally.

“Every person has started at the beginning at some point. In our sessions, each person is focused on their own journey, so don’t worry about what someone else is doing.”

How can beginners get the most out of a session?

  • Come prepared. Ensure you have the appropriate workout gear, unrestricted exercise clothing, clean trainers, water or a sports drink and a towel.
  • Talk to your instructor. If you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask. We’re here to help and communicating with us, also helps us be better instructors.
  • Be kind to yourself. A lot of us don’t realise how much negative internal dialogue we direct at ourselves. Tomorrow is another opportunity to try again, so be a part of your own support team.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Every person has started at the beginning at some point. In our sessions, each person is focused on their own journey, so don’t worry about what someone else is doing.
  • Bring a smile. Seeing smiling, positive, reciprocating clients, ready to give it the best that can for that session is incredibly inspiring. An uplifting environment is beneficial to each client attending and positivity is contagious.

Apparatus is a boutique fitness studio in Melbourne that specialises in functional exercises, TRX suspension training and pilates.

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